Public Records

1900 and 1910 Stafford County census on microfilm.

Stafford County cemetery records.

Obituary file of county residents (since 1979, some before).

Published family histories.

Vertical family files and family panels.

High school annuals and school photos from county schools as far back as 1907.

Pensioner's Roll, 1883.

Large collection of genealogy books and periodicals.

Seven books of heraldry, 1622-1930.


The birth, death and cemetery ledgers (which are not complete), Pensioner's Roll, Tubbs Church Log, Chautauqua Reader, Hit and Miss Scrapbook [E.A. Briles' columns] and historical manuscripts about Stafford County are indexed. [The birth ledgers are indexed only through 1929.] Photocopies from the ledgers are 50 cents ea.


City of Stafford (1911-1960); Albano Twp (1913-1915); Cooper Twp (1913-1915); Putnam Twp (1913-1920; Rose Valley/Albano twps and City of St. John (1920-1926).

Death Records

City of Stafford, 1936-1946; Albano Twp (1914-15); Rose Valley/Albano twps (1913-1926).

Cemetery Records

Leesburg (Rose Valley Twp) 1911-14; Pleasant Ridge (Lincoln Twp) 1889-?


Stafford County Marriages 1880-1895 and 1887-1896, compiled by Pauline Garner, 1968.

Tubbs Ministry

Stafford Co. marriages, baptisms, funerals and church membership lists, 1901-1926, recorded by Rev. Edwin Henry Halleck Tubbs (1862-1927).

Military Discharge Records

Military Discharge Records as Recorded in the Register of Deeds Office, St. John, Stafford County, Kansas, as of Aug. 1, 1989.

Phone Books and Directories

Stafford County phone books and farm directories: STAFFORD city phone books, 1920-2009. ST. JOHN city phone books, 1937-1990. MACKSVILLE/HUDSON/SEWARD phone books, ca. 1925, 1961. STAFFORD COUNTY farm directories, 1949-2001.