Books, Videos, CDs

Among resources at the museum are several county history books. Some are out of print and some are available for sale at the Museum.

Museum Library

Stafford County Museum Video Tour

Two-hour tour of both floors of main building, Crawford and Milton annexes and Weekley Library in its original location, $15, ppd.

Stafford County Photo CD

Contains 664 historical postcards and other photographs of county scenes and landmarks from museum's archives. $20, ppd. The CD is indexed and user-friendly.


Etched in Stone: Tombstone Inscriptions of Stafford County, Kansas (1990, out of print).

A History of Stafford County, by Frank Steele (1982, 143 pp., out of print, one used copy, $15).

Stafford County History 1870-1990 (1990, 304 pp., $29 plus shipping, $5).

No Cyclone Shall Destroy: The Story of St. John, Kansas, by Clelland Cole and Helen Reuber (1979, $14 plus shipping from Goodman Library, 406 N. Monroe, St. John, KS 67576).

Macksville, Kansas Community History 1886-1986 (1986, out of print, indexed available at museum library).

Family Heritage Album -- Stafford County, Kansas (1975, out of print, 1 used copy, $35, ppd.).

The History of Hudson, Kansas, by Geneva Brim (1987, out of print).

On the Corner of the Square (St. John history), by Helen Malin Reuber (2001, out of print).

Stafford, Kansas: Crossroads of Time 1885-1985 (1985, out of print).

A Chautauqua Reader: Episodes and Anecdotes of Stafford, Kansas, edited by Melanie Farley (1983, out of print).

Stafford High School History: Alumni Directory 1891-2011. (1991, $10)

Re-Echo 1887-1987: St. John, Hudson, Antrim (USD #350 alumni, out of print, index available at the museum).

Civil War Veterans of Stafford County and Veterans of Stafford County (two scrapbooks which list local veterans from the Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War and the Gulf War).